Introduction to Magiek

Be careful when using this website, as if you have not played through the entire map, you risk spoilers.

You have been summoned to end the destruction of a warlock who has corrupted the mind and bodies of nearly every living creature in this world.

You wake up, being given the task of destroying this warlock. You don’t know much about your life, or the world around you, only knowing that you have a deep drive to restore order to the world. Your mind and body are damaged, and will take time and experience to get back to your former self.

You get to decide how to best allocate your experiences in combat to accomplish your goals. Through the power of magic you also appear to be ‘awoken’ again should you perish in combat.

Sections to the site

  • Classes – A description of each class and what it’s best at
  • Quests – Detailed information on each quest and what it’s goal is
  • Towns – Background information on each town and it’s known history
  • Lore – If you need to know more information about the world, here it is
  • Changelog – Tracked changes to the world, as it develops
  • Report Bug – If you’ve broken something, tell me here!

As content gets added to the world, it should be added here as well. If information is missing, please let me know.