How to read the changelog:

The first number is the ‘major’ version change. Such as a complete overhaul of the entire map.

The second set of numbers are ‘minor’ version changes. These are things such as entirely new features added, or having to overhaul a specific feature to make it work better.

The third number is the ‘build’ number. This is the number of separate compiles or incremental saves that have been done to the map, to ensure if something were to happen to break the game in say version 1.2.54, I can simply roll back to 1.2.53, I don’t need to go ALL the way back to 1.1.

With that information out of the way, let’s get on to what changes have been made!


  • Enabled heal at outpost during ultralisk boss fight
  • Enabled heal for confrontation boss fight
  • Enabled idle players to retain score if they rejoin game
  • Reenabled damage to lurker allowed by allies, to allow for some classes to kill enemies
  • Made the mages at New Atlanta flip to player 8 when confrontation starts
  • Added more snipers in the hills to the east of I’haris


  • Balance changes to Psi Storm, added +10 upgrade levels to up60, then set energy cost to 75
  • Reenabled Hallucination, set for 200 energy
  • Gave High Templar hero an attack, 25 damage, +3 per up
  • Added ‘Attack’ button for HT hero
  • Altered the buttons on the barracks to reflect their purpose
  • Disabled upgrade requirements to eliminate need for loose buildings 
  • Removed the need for supply depots to create units from barracks
  • Removed science facility building for 2nd class ability creation
  • Condensed all upgrades into a single weapon/armor upgrade from barracks
  • Removed old mana system from game
  • Changed reward for killing units to better reflect their difficulty in game
  • Removed reward for killing allied heroes
  • Changed game to center you on skill point allocation, and THEN your hero
  • Made Mages at the outpost vulnerable to attack by boss
  • Removed location that destroyed a building if lifted
  • Made the Supreme Mage hallucinations at 187 be vulnerable
  • Added a new teleport location at the wasteland outpost
  • Added energy being set to 100% when you heal, by potion or spring water
  • Disabled ability to damage allies with splash from firebat, and psi storm


  • Revised terrain by Flemy added!
  • Fixed a bug where the boss fight warning would display, even if the Cave Troll was dead
  • Moved Cave Troll and other units so you can’t preemptively start the boss fight.
  • Fixed an issue with spawn camping


  • Added in EUD support
  • Name change to the Protoss Gateway
  • Fixed a spelling error in quest dialog
  • Disabled archon warp so icon isn’t available for High Templar hero
  • Laid groundwork for new quest system


  • Hotfix to patch problems from previous two versions


  • Deleted locations associated with removed stat trackers and various unit based timers


  • Patched a bug where a malicious player could cause lag by messing with the mana system
  • Moved mana system, leveling system, health system, respawn system, and all other hero tracking to death counters


  • Decreased the amount of health the merchant spawns with when you start that quest, to make it harder to complete


  • Minor text changes to quest dialog
  • Made the outpost heal work immediately following the Cave Troll death, not after quest turn in.

Release version: 1.0.172

  • Split gas and mana skill allocation units to better distinguish what each is
  • Minor text adjustments to the Mage confrontation
  • Minor changes to terrain through Valley of Destruction
  • Balance changes to Hydralisk hero
  • Fixed spawn camping at marine for leveling
  • Adjusted mission objective text to clarify bosses need teamwork, not generic gameplay
  • Set ‘Persistent Shield’ ability text at mage confrontation to be once per 2 seconds
  • Added a final minimap ping to Gwydion after there are no mages left at confrontation
  • Fixed a bug where multiple tips would appear at once

Beta version: 1.5.171

  • Varied the types of trees found around the mountain
  • Minor text changes to unit names
  • Balance changes to last fight beyond the wall into The Shattered Worlds
  • Fixed an issue where if Supreme Mage died after New Atlanta, he’d respawn as a Mage
  • Added a third respawn point close to The Shattered Worlds
  • Added a third teleport zone close to The Shattered Worlds
  • Minor adjustments to starting quest dialog
  • Changed the turn in for broodling side quest
  • Added failure option for Mage quest


  • Added some goliaths outside of New Atlanta exit to clarify where to go
  • Change to broodling quest to ensure players couldn’t finish it before it started.
  • Changes to Valley of Destruction goliath and zealot placement to better lead players the correct way
  • Minor adjustments to terrain across the map
  • Minor balance adjustments to Valley of Destruction
  • Balance changes to Mage Confrontation
  • Minor changes to ghost hero ability
  • Added additional units to attack at end of Act I


  • Fixed an issue with the new permanent death selection remover
  • Changed the ghost heroes firebat ability to still give the player XP from units in radius
  • Added in text naming the boss spells when cast
  • Added description for hero abilities in mission briefing
  • Added description of hero if you step close
  • Fixed Merchant side quest to create only 4 ultras
  • Lengthened briefing to 40 seconds
  • Changed the welcome text to include more information in a more compact fashion
  • Terrain changes to keep the last part of Valley of Destruction from firing too soon
  • Minor text changes to mission briefing
  • Gave +1 wep/armor upgrades to P7 so you can see upgrade paths when choosing hero
  • Fixed a bug where Corrupted Mage wouldn’t respawn in New Atlanta for P1
  • Made changes to the Valley of Destruction goliath movements
  • Added quest tracking area


  • Modified location of some locations
  • Added warnings when approaching bosses
  • Minor text changes to the opening message
  • Minor adjustments to quest dialog
  • Minor adjustments to terrain for BGM switch
  • Prolonged the time for the background music loop
  • When a player has died permanently, they now lose all of their selections for skill points
  • Balance changes to Firebat hero
  • Balance changes to gas costs for abilities
  • Fixed player 2’s heal firing too often
  • Instituted a player banning system based on popular vote


  • Removed old locations that no longer were used due to converting to death counters
  • Fixed healing locations firing 12x a second
  • Balance changes to lurker
  • Fixed an issue with summoned units only disappearing if near hero who summoned them
  • Adjusted zergling spawn 2 location boundaries
  • Made the reminder to use skill points only happen once every 5 seconds
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the Mage confrontation wouldn’t happen? Maybe?
  • Made the Observers over the mage confrontation move slower again after hyper trigger
  • Disabled hallucination
  • Set the background music able to be disabled


  • Fixed dialog text from hyper trigger complications
  • If units are unplaceable when summoned, now they will continue to attempt to join hero
  • Fixed mana and energy systems for High Templar and Infested Kerrigan
  • Converted firebat ability from ‘bring’ timers to death counters for all heroes
  • Fixed an issue where Sarah Kerrigan hero wouldn’t fire her Firebat ability
  • Fixed an issue where enemy spawns weren’t responding to heroes who were too close


  • Added complex hyper triggers
  • Added a mana system alongside the energy regen system in place
  • Added death counters for mana regeneration
  • Due to inclusion of hyper triggers, fixed issues with Ultralisk powers firing too often
  • Addition of hyper triggers caused players to drop
  • Removed BGM waits and converted to death counters
  • Moved hyper triggers to both CPU players
  • Removed gas from upgrading, leveling, and quest rewards
  • Balance changes to ghost character


  • Added 1 castable ability per class
  • Balance changes to ghost character


  • Balance changes to heroes
  • Removed pillar that could trap Mages
  • Added more text clarifying the endgame
  • Added a path blocker to keep the game on track
  • Added minimap pings to further help game flow


  • Revamped the healing system (again), this time from the ground up
  • Added more side quest content
  • Refined warlock tunnel system
  • Minor changes to the upgrading system
  • Permanently removed cloaking from heroes, removed observers around map
  • Balance changes to the ghost hero class
  • Changed the hero selection area to reflect initial health upon spawning
  • Minor balance changes to “We’re In The End Game Now” / Past the wall
  • Fixed major bug with mana not properly calculating
  • Added Clerics near heals to make it more obvious where to go
  • Set marine to teleport to 2nd town once someone has been there
  • Balance changes to the infested kerrigan class
  • Changed teleporting to require some gas
  • Changed gas to be acquired every few kills, and from choosing upgrade with skill points
  • Changed size of afflicted area for ‘Fear’ spell from Supreme Mage
  • Upped max level from 20 to 25


  • Changed how the healing system worked


  • Balance changes to mage classes
  • Refined mana system
  • Fixed the 2nd Zergling spawn
  • Made heroes respawn in second town once they’ve been there


  • Made the Inns into ‘natural springs’ that refreshes you (suggested by Koies1992)
  • Re-enabled mage classes


  • Changed pathing after Gwydion monologue


  • Made the skill points unable to merge into a Dark Archon
  • Disabled outpost healing while Cave Troll boss fight happening


  • Added more quest dialog to streamline first few quests, as well as additional details given out by the quest givers
  • Temporarily disabled both Mage classes


  • Temporarily set medic to free for testing purposes
  • Text changes for quests to reflect new terrain
  • Changes to hero respawn system to make it more efficient

1.0.153 – Remastered

  • Rebuilt the map from scratch, with a more clear vision of the final product
  • Rebuilt hero class, health, and level information without player controlling any units themselves
  • Redesigned I’haris to blend better with the overall map terrain
  • Created locations to follow hero movements around the map


  • Fixed a bug with leveling too fast due to dark templar creation
  • Players now can use heal potion from the start of the game
  • Temporarily disabled firebat from barracks until I program it’s ability
  • Set teleport for human settlement the ghost from barracks
  • Ran into another error where I ran out of strings


  • Removed quest guide to allow more content being added


  • Ran into an error in SCMDraft2 that said I had ran out of available strings, have to turn map into two parts


  • Built in new conditions for healing and quests for the initial town


  • Added teleporting between towns and spawn points
  • Adjusted some Marine and Ghost unit locations to prevent damage through walls
  • Fixed Marine spawn to disable when buildings are destroyed
  • Balance changes to first 3 quests
  • Started internally naming switches in the map to track things easier
  • Set minimap ping to constantly go off if a player hasn’t used skill points yet
  • Added heal ability by summoning medic
  • Removed late game randomized healing
  • Changed unit from Civilian to DT for skill points
  • Made changes to more of the tunnel systems
  • Changed balance of Fight 05 through the Valley of Destruction
  • Changed experience required per levels, now takes longer to hit level 30
  • Balance changes to Cave Troll boss fight


  • Added permanent upgrade buildings for heroes, thus reducing number of reasons and trips back to town
  • Removed hero selection confirmation, only 1 player per hero class
  • Started on hero abilities due to repeated requests and inquiries about spells
  • Condensed life counter system and integrated into abilities / upgrade area
  • Reduced size of skill point allocation area
  • Relocated upgrade requirement buildings
  • Removed upgrades from towns
  • Reduced the size of the initial town
  • Streamlined initial town quest givers
  • Fixed Zergling spawn to disable when burrows are destroyed
  • Fixed some double sprites for trees (thank you for pointing that out Flemy)
  • Changed Zergling spawn to track burrows killed
  • Laid groundwork for teleporting


  • Removed “Driving Force” and “Battle March” songs from the game temporarily


  • Added background, boss fight, and end game music
  • Changed balance of how many Hydralisks spawn
  • Balance to ‘Fight 02’, added 2 Mechanical Infantry to offset bumped Zealot damage


  • Started the redesign for the quest system to allow players to track information easier
  • Started the redesign for the quest  text and flow to provide a more streamlined experience
  • Fixed a bug where ‘Fight 02’ after the cave wouldn’t fire properly
  • Further refined new hero selection area


  • Fixed an issue with the temple not returning all players to the map if the quest chain wrapped up before they exited (sorry)
  • Fixed an issue with a pylon not being detected
  • Bug patched where Power Rods were able to be collected by each player, now can only be collected once
  • Fixed an issue where the SCV would get stuck after it enters the tunnel on it’s way to the human settlement
  • Fixed pathing to refugee camp 
  • Expanded location to trigger ‘in cave’ civilian quest
  • Removed ‘Additional Information’ from skill points area due to having named the buildings, made this feature unneeded


  • Balance changes to Protoss Buildings
  • Slowly adding in more content to top of the map
  • Created a third respawn area for heroes past the ‘no return’ point of Cave 3
  • Centering view on upgrade buildings given by Gwydion became jarring, created minimap ping instead
  • Fixed premature firing of text dialog in ‘Junkyard 05 – Help us’
  • Fixed Zealots being spawned too early for Ascension zone
  • Further pathing refinements


  • Finished the basic terrain for the map
  • Permanently removed locations and triggers of training finally
  • Added shield recharge for Supreme Mage at Ascension
  • Balance changes to Supreme Mage
  • Fixed a bug where Warlock quest text wouldn’t display in the third cave
  • Fixed an errand piece of terrain keeping the left bridge to refugee camp blocked
  • Fixed side quest broodling tracker not spawning correctly
  • Implemented a refund system for skill points if you overuse on health.


  • Designed second encounter with Gwydion
  • Changed terrain to give him a segmented part of the land to house his town
  • Shifted the 10th power rod to fit inside his town
  • Laid down groundwork for last bit of the map
  • Created ‘no go’ zones up top to ensure no units from menus and options could move between
  • Created randomized healing by Gwydion


  • Major terrain changes along top of map to incorporate new aspects of storyline


  • Finished power rod detection system
  • Renamed Bard to Merchant
  • Changed how Merchant quest works, with two paths for SCV to take
  • Added more side quests
  • Made the hero selection a circle rather than square
  • Added pillars to ‘hold up’ the human settlement (quest for later?)
  • Fixed duplicate building sprites for upgrades


  • Redesigned human camp
  • Added more side quests
  • Permanently removed SCV and Reaver from selectable classes
  • Repositioned starting area slightly to reflect new class selections


  • Added warlock tunnel system
  • Added ‘Confrontation’ between Supreme Mage and heroes
  • Fixed AI for Zealot spawn
  • Fixed redundant ‘Max Health’ notifications
  • Further sorted and organized triggers due to growing complexity of game
  • Removed turrets from human camp


  • Fixed some Goliath’s roaming
  • Fixed an error with some quest information repeating
  • Fixed an error with Mage death tracking not working
  • Fixed an error where some quest text was inverted
  • Further balance changes to Hydralisk zone
  • Temporarily disabled Training for testing purposes
  • Added beacons for healing to make it more obvious


  • Added credits to the map
  • Further terrain improvements
  • Fixed a glitch with the 2nd cave exit (sorry GuruNanak)


  • Optimized hero respawn system
  • Optimized hero selection
  • ‘Power Rod’ concept started


  • Created a more robust life and respawn system for heroes
  • Temporarily disabled Reaver and SCV classes
  • Added in defeat conditions
  • Optimized some trigger conditions
  • Added a fight after leaving second town


  • Increased max level to 31


  • Added tracking for Mage class
  • Terrain improvements
  • ‘Old World’ created 
  • Minor quest text changes
  • Fixed stacked Nydus
  • Fixed broodling quest tracker
  • Fixed first broodling spawn getting stuck
  • Fixed Supreme Mage not respawning


  • Repositioned quest zones and created secondary spawn locations


  • Fixed a glitch with respawning in the second town
  • Removed mineral chest


  • Revamped training area
  • Created ‘Ascension’ system for Mage class
  • Revamped first boss fight with abilities


  • Changed quest text when activated to show for all players
  • Removed larva from Hive’s up top
  • Removed minimap ping for leveling when first quest starts
  • Fixed an errant terrain spot in town
  • Changed what resource is used for training, modified quest rewards
  • Fixed spellcaster energy breaking when max mana


  • Fixed Nydus spawn
  • Added healing to second town
  • Added upgrades to second town
  • When a player leaves, all of their units get removed
  • Balance changes to Infested Kerrigan hero (reduced armor)


  • Further balance changes
  • Made more prompts to keep the story on track
  • Disabled old spawns after quests finish
  • Filled the gaps for the wall before Ultralisk quest
  • Fixed timing issues with training center
  • Fixed training center not subtracting 4 minerals


  • Continued improving mana system
  • Sorted healing triggers to make it less confusing
  • Disabled cloaking globally
  • Added more information for healing in the initial town
  • Balance changes to the Firebat hero
  • Created training area


  • Fixed a glitch with the Marine side quest that gave infinite resources upon completion
  • Clarified ‘Cave Entrance’ location for Ultralisk quest
  • Made changes to the High Templar hero leveling
  • Put the spellcasters initial mana system in place
  • Several name changes to reflect uses in game


  • Further refined hero respawn system
  • Fixed a bug with choosing the Firebat hero


  • Added hero respawn system


  • Added Hydralisk Den Quest setup
  • Added healing to the ‘First Outpost’
  • Created the second town (Sarah Kerrigan controlled)
  • Improved efficiency for healing system
  • Character name changes (various)
  • Further expanded terrain designed
  • Added first Mineral Chest trigger
  • Some location names changed to reflect their new tasks
  • Improved science facility anti-liftoff trigger
  • Added first main quest boss fight
  • Added ability to track quest completion easier
  • Added ability to go back and forth from first two towns